About Us

At Facilitated Performance Partners, we help CEO’s and senior leaders develop a leadership development strategy focused on driving strategy execution, recruiting and retaining top talent, developing future leaders, and navigating change.


Facilitated Performance Partners delivers services with:

Excellence – Achieve measurable results
Efficiency – Keep costs low
Honesty – Speak up, with transparency
Pride – Strong work ethic
Integrity – Do the right thing, for the right reasons
Service – Live by the Golden Rule


To make a difference in the world of work.


To have every company who uses our services do so with peace of mind and confidence.


To create infrastructures for leaders to learn on-demand and apply skills real-time for sustainability and measurable results.

Our Chief Human Capital Officer

Midge Streeter

Midge Streeter’s passion to improve the quality of work-life for all employees, drives her to help individuals and organizations achieve goals leading to increased performance, empowerment, and service excellence.

At her core, she is a thought leader and facilitator with a servant leader’s heart, the tenacity of a successful project manager, and thought processes of an innovator.

After sending her daughter off to college, Midge graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor of Science in Communication. She was the first recipient of the Communication Faculty Externship Award which aided in opportunities to intern at Development Dimensions International (DDI), Occidental Petroleum Corporation, and GE Plastics.

Midge earned an MBA from the School of Management and Leadership at Capital University, Columbus, Ohio, with a concentration in Organizational Development. Her community focus is on raising funds for cancer research and helping students prepare to find their first job by coaching and sharing general career development tips and strategies. She graduated from high school as a vocational education student and champions career tech and two-year colleges for the amazing career opportunities they provide students and their communities.

 “Our partners are trusted advisors and experts in all aspects of talent development. We know from years of experience what keeps leaders up at night and how to navigate volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.”

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