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Our 10 Centers of Excellence

From leading major culture transformations (focused on a digital transformation), building an inclusive culture, company optimization, or other key aspects of company culture like leadership development, executive team rejuvenation, or mergers and acquisitions.

Culture Transformation & Alignment

I lead executives to building dynamic processes for irreversibly changing the outlook or an organization; and correspondingly the policies, processes, and behaviors that result in a renewed vision for the future and for their customers.

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Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is everyone’s responsibility, not just the work of leaders. We help all members of an organization to give their best each day, commit to their organization’s goals and values, motivate to contribute to the company’s success, with an enhanced sense of pride and well-being.

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Leadership Development

Increasing leadership capacity at all levels of the organization is my “secret sauce” which has evolved over years of coaching and customizing leadership development programs. I use innovative technology, such as virtual reality simulations to rapidly scale and prepare leaders who motivate and develop employees to perform at maximum performance levels. 

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Organizational Effectiveness

Enhanced organizational decision-making, managing change, building effective teams, and determining measures of success are the focus of my innovative implementation strategy.  I use business, employee and customer-centric data to target efficiencies, redirect projects to garner elevated outcomes and maximize the impact of learning and development strategies and tools.  

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Learning & Development Platforms and Analytics Consulting

Learning and development technology is changing at a blindingly rapid pace of change.  I curate knowledge on the latest and greatest tools, platforms and their developers in order to help my clients build a learning ecosystem that meets current and future needs.  I teach clients how to build learning platforms that produce analytics and measures that correlate to business metrics.

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Executive Coaching

Coaching is the quickest and most effective form of leadership development.  I use a variety of coaching methods to help leaders achieve their goals while enhancing leadership capacity.  When the leader is engaged in the coaching process, she is then better equipped to coach others.  I specialize in virtual coaching, face to face one on one coaching and team coaching.   I start the coaching relationship by collecting assessment data and feedback, determine key stakeholders, crafting a coaching agreement and implementing measurable action steps.

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Change Leadership: Setting a Visions and Overcoming Resistance

Studies on Change Leadership show that leaders across the board agree: if you want to lead a successful transformation, communicating empathetically is critical. But the truth is that most leaders ‘don’t actually know how to do it.

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Performance Management

According to Forbes, ‘companies that set performance goals quarterly generate 31% greater returns from their performance process than those who do it annually, and those who do it monthly get even better results.’

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Talent Development and Management

A recipe for five-star talent development includes a potent blend of content, expertise, and technology.

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Digital Transformation

Successful Digital Transformation requires a culture alignment that embraces disruption and achieves realized returns from the digital transformation investment.

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